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Calarasi United is not an organization - it is a common purpose for organizations with unique visions to come together in unity to serve the people in the greater Calarasi, Romania area. Calarasi United is also a place, a community complex under development, in the center of the city of Calarasi, Romania, where people in the future can come to grow and unite!

The Team

Our team consists of partners working together from six organizations, from five countries, to develop a location where the vision of unity, service, and love can be shown to people in Romania. Some of our team lives and works in Romania, having served in communities in the Calarasi area for 15 years, with existing base ministries in Calarasi. These team members will serve as the day to day operational base for the opening of the community complex. A number of the operations of existing ministries will move into the facility as progress on development is accomplished. Other members of our team live and work in their home countries, performing support roles in areas of communication, technology, fundraising, and collecting of donations to enable the vision.

The Future

Over the coming years, we will be developing the facility in the heart of the city. We have been blessed with a building that is 16,000 square feet (1,500 square meters) in the Stadium district in Calarasi, Romania. This large facility allows us to develop operations for various activities under one roof - job training, medical, sports, and more.

More than any one program, our heart is that people will feel loved, as we come together and understand Christ's love for us. As we care for their needs, and develop programming that impacts the community, we not only share the message of Christ—we become that message.

Read more about our partners and join us in this effort to reach out to the people of Calarasi.

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