Job Training

By Grace Ministries currently provides job training out of a small workshop in the Caramidari neighborhood. With the opening of Calarasi United, the ministry will be able to expand the workshop and the variety of skills taught. Our goal is to see a generation of people find a working alternative to be self sufficient. We will help people grow their skill sets, impart knowledge of how to run a business, and train life skills to develop strong habits with Christ, family, and their community.

How you can help

With a larger facility and a big workshop, we are welcoming the donation of tools (both large and small), and cleaning and renovation equipment. We also welcome people with advanced skills ready to travel to Romania to train students. Don't just consider construction as an area for training. If you think your skills may be helpful for other jobs or careers, contact us and we can discuss the possibilities. Your willingness to serve in this way is a blessing.

Training Opportunities

  • Wood Working
  • Home Repair
  • Business Management
  • Life Skills
  • Furniture Assembly
  • And Other Trades
  • 285,050 Community Members
  • 6 Partnering Organizations
  • 1 Purpose
Our Partners
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