Medical Office

By Grace Ministries currently operates a medical office in Calarasi, providing medical services, medication, and supplies for the community, with a focus on people who can not afford these goods and services. With the new facility location, the operations will be able to expand to reach a larger audience. Providing medical care is a critical way to show someone that you love them, and is an important part of the overall care for the community.

How you can help

We welcome donations of medical supplies, both consummable and resusable. Bandages, band aids, crutches, wheel chairs among many other items can be donated. Also, if you think your skills may be helpful for a volunteer opportunity, contact us and we can discuss the possibilities. Your willingness to give and serve in these ways gives life to others!

Medical Services Provided

  • Doctor Office and Home Visits
  • Post-operative Care
  • Wound Care
  • Support with Hospitalization (logistic and financial)
  • Health Education and Counseling
  • Basic Medications
  • Chronic Medications
  • 285,050 Community Members
  • 6 Partnering Organizations
  • 1 Purpose
Our Partners
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