Our team consists of partners working together from six organizations, from five countries, to develop a location where the vision of unity, service and love can be shown to people in Romania. Here are our current organizational partners:

In Romania

By Grace Ministries

By Grace Ministries (Asociatia Prin Har) currently operates a medical office in Calarasi, Romania, providing office hours and in home care for the poor and those with situational health care needs. This ministry also has a focus of teaching life skills and job training to those in need of these skills, specifically with a focus on at risk youth. With fifteen years of experience serving the Caramidari neighborhood, this ministry team will continue to provide services to this neighborhood at the new facility, as well as an expanded role for the surrounding neighborhoods and villages.

Choose to Live Ministries

Choose to Live (Asociatia Alege Sa Traiesti) has worked for fifteen years in the Doi Moldoveni neighborhood, mentoring youth and supporting families. This ministry regularly operates sporting events for youth, providing a path for spiritual and life mentoring in the community. With the facility location in the middle of the sports district in Calarasi, programming in this area will thrive, as year round indoor and outdoor sports will be offered.

Gateway to Hope

Gateway to Hope is a partnering Canadian-based ministry in the village of Rasa, Calarasi, Romania. Operating programs to help children, orphans, and families in abusive situations, this ministry is looking to help those where there seems to be no hope. The unique skills offered by this ministry team will be a great help during construction phases and ongoing ministry activities.


Make a Change

Make a Change is a charity operating in Norway, with the purpose of investing in projects in Romania. Members of this charity also serve on the board for By Grace Ministries. This charity has organized financial, logistical, and resource giving for projects in Romania for years, and continues to make an impact, specifically by being a key driver in the launch of Calarasi United.

Sending Hope Network

Sending Hope Network is a partnering organization in the US, that supports and assists our efforts in Romania with financial, technical, and operational support.

JCows, LLC

JCows, LLC is a software consulting company operating in Wisconsin, USA. This software company regularly donates technical services, as well as cloud resources for Calarasi United technical needs. JCows has invested in other projects in Caramidari, Romania over the past ten years.


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