Second Chance School

One of the big problems that poorer neighborhoods face in Romania is an epidemic of school absenteeism and a high rate of drop outs, often in early elementary grades. The lack of education creates many problems for young Romanians, which often harms them in many ways throughout their life.

We are working toward a partnership with a local public school to open a second chance school to do just that—give kids a second chance to receive an education. Please pray for the children in Romania, first to stay in school, and second, if they do not, that they will have an opportunity to attend a second chance school. The need is great, and we would like to serve in this way so children can have brighter futures.

How you can help

Pray for the successful development of a relationship with a local public school, and continued relationships with public school administrators. Also, pray for the successful completion of renovation and construction of classroom facilities. In the future, we will also look for donations of typical school items, such as backpacks and school supplies.

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