For several years, the Choose to Live ministry has operated sporting events as outreach for the community in Calarasi. Soccer games and basketball camps allow youth to connect with the ministry and each other, developing community and mentoring relationships. International teams that travel to Romania provide coaching and activity leadership, and great partnership opportunities!

The new Calarasi United facility is located in the center of the stadium district in Calarasi, directly adjacent to the professional stadium, offering great advantages for the increase in the area of sports programming. Surrounded by outdoor soccer fields, and having the capability to create an indoor sports facility for soccer, basketball and other sports, the sports programming is very likely to grow significantly in the coming years. These programs will be great for developing community relationships, and will give tremendous exposure to the other things happening in the community complex—even bringing together people groups that would normally not socialize. This truly will help Calarasi be united.

How you can help

We welcome donations of sports equipment and other gymnasium supplies. If you have any unique business connections that can provide new and/or used sports equipment or gymnasium flooring and construction materials, contact us and we can discuss the possibilities. Thank you for your belief in this ministry and how it can support the overall goals of Calarasi United!

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